The art of working without sleep

Is it anything like Sun Tzu? It feels like it.

I’ve just got off the ‘night shift’ and am bloody knackered. How do people concentrate at work with only a few hours of (broken) sleep? And why do kids not sleep when you need them to? (Is this one even worth attempting an answer)

We need to take care of the caffeine intake so any more than 2-3 coffees is a no-no (especially at London prices). Berocca? Avoiding meetings all together? (I have actually done this once. Using various excuses and my lack of sleep migraine was rendering me useless and five minutes behind any conversation).

Falling asleep on the train journey into work is the worst as you just wake up red-eyed and groggy, feeling worse than you did before. Trying to get 15 mins in a meeting room is just too fraught with the ‘will someone walk in and see me sprawled across some chairs and think I’m having a breakdown’ question.

Staying hydrated and watching the carbs is all good but how do you really engage your brain and still bring your A-game to work – even if its for a smaller duration than a ‘normal’ day?

Then there is the journey back home, the inevitable falling asleep into the Evening Standard sports section and then the chaos that is two kids tired and not wanting to go to sleep.

Answers on a post card..


Thats all I wanted, something sacred, something special

I’ve been a dad for nearly four years now and the key thing I’ve learnt is there are too many damn ‘key’ things to learn.

When do I shout at them? When do I let things go? Is he being an a*se or just a toddler? Is he big enough now for a forward-facing car seat? What excuse can I use this week to nip out of the office early as both boys are kicking off at home and the wife needs help for dinner? Should he be swimming without floats by now? Why are other dads taking their three year olds to four different classes every weekend – that can’t be good for them, can it?

I’ve tried to read all the ‘bringing up babies/toddlers/boys’ books cover to cover but just end up falling asleep on the train and wanting to start that business biography paperback that arrived from Amazon this morning.

With this blog, I hope I can share some stories, experiences and research (note – I did not say ‘advice’) that can help others out there, whilst creating a dialogue with like-minded chaps that only want the best for their kids, but sometimes just have to let them sit in a restaurant with apple juice stains on their t-shirt because we’re just too tired to change them for the third time before 3pm, and chaos that sometimes have to let the quality of work in the office drop, and the strength of their friendships diminish, in order to put their first priority first – hitting the gym hard.

Oh – I forgot my wife is reading this – I meant being a father and a husband. Of course that is the priority darling….and no I didn’t manage to get to the gym at lunchtime xxx

Anyway – lets see where this goes….


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