We came. We saw. We conquered?

Can a dad ever say they have achieved? 

With demands and requirements constantly changing and increasing, being an over-achieving dad seems like an unassailable goal. In your 20’s, your situation was less dynamic, more transparent, more controllable – may be it was the lack of a wife, rather than lack of kids.

In your 30’s you get it – you see the game you need to play with your career, with life and dare I say it, with women. But then, you become a dad, and although it’s cliché to hear – your priories definitely do change. 

For many, it’s not about not being able to put the face time in at the office and do the long hours – it’s more around can you be bothered? 

A combination of being a dad, husband and a more seasoned professional with a niche or specialism means opportunities come to you – but only if you’re putting your head above the parapet. Many of us become ‘ambitious coasters’ – kind of working to something and sort-of-on-sabbatical-while-at-work (until things get a bit less chaotic at home). 
The issue then becomes – does that career inflection point ever come? And when (if?) it does, are you at a point in your career, and in your life, where it’s just too late – and where you want to push it? 

Had to end with a Salt N’ Pepa quote. 

Thoughts welcome. 

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