Why work does matter (even on your death bed) 

I work in an industry where a lot of people are there for the money. The size of the pay check (not what they do to obtain it) is the critical driver.

Complete a spreadsheet? No problem. Take minutes? You got it. Do the coffee run? I’m on it….. Just don’t forget I’m out the door at 5pm on the dot.

When these same people say ‘Work isn’t important to me, other things are’, I always ask what other things?

They say ‘being with family, my health and hobbies’, and variations of those things. I completely agree – my family,  my parents, our health and experiencing new and fun things are pretty much my priority, but what I don’t understand is that how people can say that ‘work doesn’t matter, when it literally feeds all of those things that they say are important to them.

How can you disassociate the thing that enables you to do the things that you love from the things that you love? How can people be ambivalent to the thing that essentially gives them exactly what they want in life? 

I feel there is a differentiation between not caring about your current job and work in general.

You have to care about work – if you don’t, what you’re saying is you don’t care about an income, paying the mortgage, keeping yourself and your family dry, warm and fed.

Not caring about your current job, I believe, means more ‘what I do here is crap/futile, but I do understand that I need to do something, somewhere to ensure I keep my family dry, warm etc….’

I really want to say this to people in my industry who say work means nothing – it’s not this company or industry you are ambivalent to, its your specific job. If they suddenly tripled your pay and got someone in to do your spreadsheets for you – that would change your outlook I am sure. All can be changed – and you should if you don’t care right now – but please don’t say you don’t care about work.

I am sure your husband/wife/kids care about eating dinner, having a hot bath and the occasional day out.

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